Vaccination in Menorca

Over 80% of the target population in the Balearics has been double jabbed.


The latest survey of attitudes towards Covid vaccination by the Centre for Sociological Research (CIS) finds that 49% of Spaniards support obligatory vaccination, while 25% are against people being forced to be vaccinated.

Thirty-three per cent believe that vaccination should only be obligatory for health personnel, those working in care homes and others with direct professional contact with the public. Twenty-three per cent doubt whether vaccination should be mandatory but are in favour of this depending on circumstances. Fifteen per cent are against forcing health personnel and similar to be vaccinated.

The survey of 3,660 people was conducted between 1 and 13 October. Of all the respondents, just five per cent said that they hadn't been vaccinated, and 56% of this group stated that they wouldn't be getting vaccinated.

The main reason given for not being vaccinated is a lack of trust in the vaccines (34%), while 19.5% fear there are health risks and secondary or collateral effects.

As of Friday, 87.8% of the target population in Spain and 81.3% in the Balearics had received the complete course of vaccination.

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James / Hace about 1 month

People need to let it go now. The virus is going away. All you create is division. People might be pro vax but alot of people don't agree with vaccine passports just to be included in society. Whether your pro vax, anti tax, or just dont care, everybody should be worried about were the vaccine passport could end up for society in general. It's designed only to control the masses not for your health. Get you head out of the mainstream media and look at the problems its causing all over the world. For example Australia, Canada, Italy, France to name a few. At the moment in Spain its pro choice and we are all living in harmony regardless of your opinions on the vaccine. I think it should stay that way. We know the vaccine immunity weakens around 8/10 months and you can still transmit. It's not really a vaccine more a treatment. Were does it end? Do we have to get pricked every year just to be part of society? Not a world anybody should want to live in.