Fernando Simón, director of the Centre for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies

Fernando Simón, director of the Centre for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies.

19-11-2021Efe (Angeles Visdomine)

Dr. Fernando Simón, director of the Centre for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, believes that making the Covid certificate a requirement for entering bars, restaurants and leisure venues may be an option, but he questions the usefulness in Spain, as practically 90% of the population over the age 12 years is vaccinated.

Speaking at the Congress for Young Doctors in Toledo, Simón asked: "If everyone is vaccinated, why do you need to know this every time someone enters a bar when you already know this?" As an option, it can be useful, when travelling for example, but not as much as "some think" for leisure.

Someone may consider it necessary and as an option to remind everyone that the epidemic "is still there", but he felt that it would be more useful as an "incentive" in countries where there is not a high vaccination rate.

Simón stated that at no time has consideration been given to the partial confinement of the unvaccinated, as in Austria. As for the current situation, he hoped that there will not be a "very quick" rise in infections in Spain over the medium term, but predicted that there will "ripples" because of the upcoming holidays.

In Spain, the situation is "now better" in terms of the number of infections. This is due to the vaccination coverage. "Although nothing can be guaranteed, the hope is that the incidence of the virus is a limited process."


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Rich / Hace 10 days

Jeez. A critical look at the figures using common sense! Personally I would rather be in an 'unvaccinated' bar/restaurant than being with possibly asymptomatic vaccinated holding their passports. Show me the real situation...not some falsehood derived from a passport. I read that countries are now experiencing riots againt lockdown, not surprising. The vaccine to get us out of this mess has proved to have low efficacy, the population no longer believe the governments and their overlords the scientists.


James / Hace 11 days

Basing this on science and common sense. Well done that man. Why the rest of Europe decides to go nuts blaming the unvaccinated for the wave. Gibraltar 100% adult population fully vaccinated and cases are through the roof. Ireland 94% adult population fully vaccinated. Mandatory vaccine passports everywhere since July. Cases are up 275% looking at another lock down. Covid pass doesn't work because the vaccine doesn't stop transmission. In fact they would make cases multiply allowing only the vaccinated into bars and restaurants passing it around without even knowing. It's time to stop testing and treat this on the basis of hospitilastions and ICU admissions. 500 people die a day in the UK of Heart disease. Maybe people should get themselves into shape. There is more important things in the world than Covid


James / Hace 11 days

Oh my god!! Did I just read an article of a politician ruling out covid passes? Finally there is a politicians out there with brain cells and common sense. We need more like Fernando Simon. I'm blessed to live in Spain. So much anger, blame, pointless fear and diversion all over the world. Sad times!