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Travelling abroad, spending long periods abroad or settling in another country such as Spain, usually involves a series of circumstances that, many times, need to be accompanied by a local lawyer or a local immigration lawyer. Or maybe, you will need help from an immigration lawyer to get visas, to initiate Golden Visa processes, residences or even Spanish nationality. Or perhaps your issue is related to investments, and you need a project manager or a property lawyer to move forward with private and commercial real estate transactions and litigations, transactions or business in general.

Also, it is important to have in your agenda a lawyer for criminal problems that occurred in Mallorca, or in Spanish territory, such as robberies, scams or complaints; as well as a family lawyer for matters such as weddings, divorces, child custody or inheritance. Lastly, if your main objective is to work in Mallorca, you may also need a labour lawyer for employment issues, review of contracts, or indemnifications.

How to find the best lawyer for you in Mallorca

Today, in the world of digitisation and globalisation, it is very easy to find what you are looking for, but the most important thing is to find the right one. But when it comes to finding the best lawyer in Mallorca for you, you need to have a set of clear ideas that will help you with your choice.

Castell Law, a law firm located in the centre of Palma inside the multinational law firm Castell Abogados, offers our readers five tips and recommendations for choosing the best lawyer in Mallorca:

1) Wide range of expertise. When a law firm has specialised lawyers in different branches of law, and with a multidisciplinary team, each specialised in its own field, this can only ensure a high level of expertise for each case that comes to the firm. Thus, you ensure that your case will be handled by a person specialised in the correct branch of law that involves your situation. In addition, being a firm specialised in different branches, provides more confidence to the client, since they can see that it is a serious firm with a long-term vision.

2) Independent law unit focused on international clients. Having a unit specialised in foreign clients says a lot about the firm. It means that the commitment to the foreign customer goes beyond mere words. Law firms with lawyers skilled in international clients will offer more exclusive and specialised services for these types of clients, who deserve to be treated with a high degree of professionalism by a lawyer who knows both Spanish and the client country's laws.

3) English Speaking Lawyers. Communication with your lawyer has to be fluid, close and transparent. Speaking the same language will facilitate many of the legal processes that you will have to go through together. It is important to ensure that the law firm has bilingual attorneys or English-speaking lawyers to facilitate the communication and the legal process.

4) Transparent budget. The first appointment or consultation with a lawyer, as in Castell Law, is usually free because it is a first contact meeting. From there, and with all the information collected, the international lawyer will share with the client an action plan and calendar for their specific case, and will present a budget on what the entire case will cost. At this point, it is important that the client expects and demands a closed budget, which has all the possible variants in order to avoid cost overruns at the end of the process.

5) Highly ranked lawyers. If a lawyer is a leader in their field and their practice, they will be ranked by the legal directories and recognised for their expertise in private and commercial legal issues. You can check the reviews of clients in Mallorca of a specific lawyer, this allows you to compare with other attorneys and can provide you with extra information that may help you decide if this is the right lawyer for you.

Carlos Castell, CEO of Castell Law and Castell Abogados, explains that “for any foreign client it is necessary to seek advice and hire an expert international lawyer who speaks English. This will reduce waiting times, speed up procedures and also enhance the feeling of satisfaction of foreigners who seek to reside, invest, and work without obstacles in Mallorca or Spain in general”.

Castell Abogados is a law firm based in the Balearic Islands and its wide range of expertise provides support for its clients in all areas of their business and private life. Within a multidisciplinary team, their lawyers, each specialised in its own field, speak English in Mallorca, Ibiza, and Menorca.

Castell Law is an independent law unit focused on international clients, within the multinational Castell Abogados law firm. All of Castell Law’s lawyers are bilingual and leaders in their field and their practice areas are highly ranked by the legal directories. At Castell Law, they provide a full range of legal services: from Criminal Law, Civil Law, Maritime law to Golden Visa applications, Real Estate advisory, Project Management, and Business law among others.