Our first edition.

This was the first headline of the Majorca Daily Bulletin, 37 years ago today, and we thought that it was an appropiate headline for our first Internet edition on our 37th Birthday. Our Chairman and Publisher, Don Pedro Serra, wrote at the time that "This is our first contact with an unknown world of whose reactions we are so unaware. Our first duty is to greet our new friends who everyday (and, we hope , every year), will welcome us early every morning". These words are as appropriate today as they were in 1962, because we are entering a new world and we are extending the reach of the Daily Bulletin world-wide. Everyday on this page you will be able to read today's headlines helping us to further achieve our mandate of keeping you informed, where-ever you may be. We hope that our Internet edition will be as succesfull as our hard-print edition, and hopefully the two will completement each other. WELCOME FRIENDS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.