In an effort to change the normal lunchtime television, BBC1 brings its viewers an insight into life in the sun on the island of Majorca. Joining its presenter, Liza Tarbuck, we are introduced to the tourists, those who have sold up in England and a peek into the life of a Hollywood star who visits the island regularly. John has left his nine-to-five job back home to start a bar that will play host to the tourists of Alcudia. Feeling that he was in a rut back home he has taken his wife away from her profession as a Maths teacher, and his son - who on first sight of the overdressed women on the beach had an adolescent smirk on his face! Lynn, his wife, is introduced to the pokey kitchen and summer heat as you can see her slowly taking in her new role; with chicken and chips on the menu she faces the camera and admits ”it´s the kind of place I wouldn´t be seen dead in!”. As we follow a little of their new life we see the first signs of tension as their son Stephen wakes up with a hangover at 4.20pm and is late for his first shift in the pub. Mike, a plane spotter who listens to himself D.J.ing in the spare room in Birmingham, and his wife and young baby are set for a holiday on the island. To the helicopter with Liza and Bulletin photographer Humphrey Carter we are shown some of the impressive landscape and Bransons´s new hotel developemnt in Banyalbufar. The BBC follows Carter to catch a glimpse of Michael Douglas, who opens his new multi-media presentation in S'Estaca explaining the history of the island, a sanctuary for the star, before flashing back to the office for an editorial conference with editor Jason Moore and to make deadline. The programme runs for another five weeks following the adventures of Blighty abroad and the Bulletin.