Thousands of people took to their bicycles all over Palma yesterday.


FOR those who weren't too wobbly after Wednesday night's festivities there was the annual bike ride yesterday. I'm sure there were over 1'000 people reclaiming the streets. The Patron Saint of Palma was paid respects by toddlers with tricycles, who rode next to BMX stunt bikes and those in tandem. This annual event started in Plaza Cort, where I could not help but notice one man, Juan Ponsell. He has participated in the event for the last 22 years and was happy to promote the use of the bicycle over the combustion engine - similar to many events held all over the world aimed at reducing motorised traffic in the city centres. He also took the opportunity to make a statement about dangerous animals after a spate of media attention on unmuzzled and dangerous dogs attacking the innocent - He was carting a cage filled with soft toy dogs and tigers with the slogan ”Recollida Gratuita D'Animals Perillosos” (Free collection of dangerous animals).