While the whole of the Balearics has problems with the postal service during the summer, since the number of flights to Minorca have been reduced, some areas of the island, in particular Ciutadella, are not receiving post or newspapers until the evening.

With the post office having both its main sorting office along with the island's one and only airport, in Mahon, Ciutadella is left out on a limb.
According to sources at the post office in Minorca, in some cases a day is being lost on post destined for Ciutadella through sorting and transport.
While post from Cataluña, Barcelona and Valencia goes straight to Mahon, all other post from elsewhere in Spain and overseas first goes to the central sorting office in Madrid, then to Palma, before finally arriving in Minorca.

President of the Insular Council of Minorca, Joana Barcelo, has expressed her concern over the situation and has complained that people in Ciutadella have to wait until the evening for the post and the newspapers.

The authorities in Minorca however, fear the situation could get worse with the pending privatisation of state airline Iberia, which could mean further cut-backs in flights between the islands and the mainland.

The Insular Council is also aware of how annoying the problem is for tourists and foreign residents wanting to communicate via the post, with the United Kingdom and Germany for example.

A new post office is due to open in Ciutadella in May, but it still will not help to improve the delivery service, which is being hampered by a lack of flights to the island.


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