Police union leaders have called on members of the National Police in Palma to participate in a referendum, which will take place today, on whether or not they want to take industrial action, despite the fact that they are technically not allowed to go on strike. The police unions claim that they have been left with no other option to offer their members, since their continual efforts to resolve the problems which the National Police are faced with at work, have been ignored by the Director general of Police. Union bosses said yesterday that industrial action, or at least the threat of it, will prompt the Director General to take some form of action While the unions have already called for National Police members to carry out industrial action, union bosses want to gauge the exact level of support for strike action by their members. The unions will also be studying the constitution this morning in order to clarify what rights national policemen and women have. Furthermore, the Director General of Police was yesterday accused of having intervened, in an attempt to prevent the referendum and subsequent strike from going ahead.