A five year old child had the presence of mind to dial 061 and ask for help when he found himself alone at home, wet, with the windows open and the temperature at about 5ºC. The call was recorded at 2am, and health workers contacted the Local Police, who went to the address given. They found the child shivering with cold, barefoot, but wearing street clothes. He told the police that he was left alone in the house every night. The police found the child's mother in the street, just 300 metres away from the house. When she saw the police she took refuge in the house of a neighbour. The mother's sister-in-law was contacted, and she told the police that the woman had been receiving treatment at the Psychiatric Hospital. She was discharged recently at the request of her family, against the doctor's advice. The child was left in the care of the aunt. The police have sent a report to the city council's social services, so that they can guarantee the living conditions and care of the child.