Jose Maria Aznar, with supporters.

Spanish Prime Minister and leader of the conservative Partido Popular, Joes Maria Aznar, warned Balearic supporters at a Palma rally yesterday that the Progressive Pact left-wing coalition government in the Balearics “is a big risk for Spain.” Aznar, addressing some 2'000 supporters at the Pueblo Epanyol, said that those parties which are part of the governing pact have agreed to “share out power as opposed to govern.” Aznar said, “We don't have to explain what the pact is, as nobody knows what it consists of. We all know it is not a pact to govern, but it was their only answer to getting into government.” Aznar used yesterday's electioneering in Majorca to launch a vicious attack on the Progressive Pact, a model which some fear is going to be used by left-wing parties on mainland Spain in order to eject the Partido Popular from power. Aznar reminded supporters just how far the Balearics developed under the PP and warned voters that by voting against the PP, they are “putting the hand-brake on stability, security and real progress. The clock will not be put back in Spain as it has been in the Balearics,” he vowed. Aznar said, “We all know in Spain who comes up with the proposals and who does nothing, the pact in the Balearics is a threat to the Balearics and the stability and economy of Spain. We are going into these elections with a sack full of real progress and a project to modernise Spain,” Aznar told the rally. The PP's Balearic candidate for Congress, Rosa Estaras, and Balearic party leader, former Chief Minister Jaume Matas, shared the platform with Aznar yesterday and warned supporters of the threat posed to Spain if the PSOE socialist party wins the general election; “the same will happen in Spain as in the Balearics with the pact, the clocks will stop.”


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