The Balearic Ministry for Tourism has launched its crackdown on unlicensed holiday homes, but villa and chalet owners in the Pollensa area are in somewhat of a panic because, unless they have a licence from the authorities, the properties could be prevented from being rented out this summer and they could be faced with heavy fines. According to some of the property owners, they have only been informed of the situation over the past few weeks and, while those without licences have a month to appeal, by the time they do get a licence “we'll be in the middle of the summer season.” In some cases there are bookings that have been made as long as three years ago and the clients may suddenly find themselves without a holiday home. The penalty for villas being used as holiday homes without the necessary licence and documents ranges from 600'000 pesetas to 25 million pesetas for a third offence. The authorities are already taking action against a number of property owners, who in turn have been given 30 days to appeal and to present the correct documentation.