...I'll kill your husband. 70-year-old Luz Oleza was still in a state of shock yesterday after a young man walked into her kitchen at her Son Armadans house on Wednesday night and stabbed her 75-year-old husband, Pedro Carretero, who was last night still in a critical condition in Son Dureta hospital. Police are still searching for the attacker, who suddenly appeared in the eldery couple's kitchen at 10.30 on Wednesday night. It appears that the robber managed to climb over the wall and drop into the couple's back garden in calle Alferez Cerda. The suspect found the back of house open and hid in the kitchen. Retired civil servant Pedro Carretero was watching television with his wife in the lounge at the time and, by all accounts, the first thing the attacker did was to open the fridge, help himself to some food and then slip into the dining room. The police suspect that the intruder was waiting for the couple to go upstairs to bed and escape, but the course of events changed when the 75-year-old walked into the kitchen. Carretero had also gone out and locked the garden gate and the back door, trapping the intruder, who then apparently flung himself at the 75-year-old, stabbing him in the back. His wife, hearing the cries for help, rushed into the kitchen, where she found her husband slumped on the floor.