The Guardia Civil and the military yesterday launched a full investigation into a bizarre shooting outside a barracks near Sineu which involved a guard being shot in the arm. The shoot-out broke out at 6.30am at the Puntiro barracks on the road to Sineu, which also holds an arsenal. The 25-year-old professional soldier was on guard duty at the time when he heard a series of strange noises. The guard gave the order to halt and moved down from his guard post. It was at that moment that he thought he saw two people and opened fire at the railings with his standard military issue weapon. During the shoot out, the soldier was hit by a 9mm bullet in the left arm, but fortunately he suffered a clean wound and was not seriously injured. The shots sparked off the alarm at the military base and medics assisted the injured soldier. The Guardia Civil were informed and a unit sent to investigate the scene. The soldier gave a statement before undergoing a medical examination and the Guradia Civil carried out an extensive search of the area where the shoot-out took place.