The Balearic government yesterday unveiled a pioneering emergency help and information service which will be able to advise some 18'000 households, within the space of one hour, on how to react in the event of a major catastrophe in the Balearics. The service, which will be the first of its kind brought into operation in Spain, will also be able to co-ordinate rescue and emergency treatment of victims while also keeping families of the injured informed. The 112 Balearic Emergency Service will have access to all fixed telephone lines in the Balearics and in the event of fire, air accidents, bomb blasts, chemical accidents or earthquakes, will be able to contact those resident in the vicinty of the catastrophe within the space of 60 minutes, while simultaneously contacting the police, fire, ambulance and hospital services. The emergency warning service will use a “voice recognition unit” which will be able to transmit a message to thousands of homes at the same time.