The Mayor of Es Mercadel, Ramon Orfila, has demanded a full investigation in order to clear up what exactly happend when an Insalud ambulance aparently abandoned a patient in the middle of the street. Orfila said yesterday that the incident has “deeply troubled” the local population and that Insalud owe the family an explanation and a full aplogy. “The fact that the patient did not have any house keys on him is not a justifiable excuse for him to be left in the middle of the street,” the mayor said. Orfila said that in Es Mercadel their are local police on duty 24-hours a day and that the ambulance crew could have even contacted the neighbours in order to get in touch with the patient's family.” The family of 48-year-old Francisco VF, who has been treated for psychiatric illnesses for the past 30 years, called 061 in order for an ambulance to take Franciso to Verge del Toro hospital. The ambulance transfered the parient at 9am and after being examined in casualty, was discharged. He was taken back to Es Mercadel by the Ambulancias Insulares, but when they reached the patient's home, wher he lives alone, they found the house locked and the patient could not find the keys.