The Association of Minorcan Taxi Drivers yesterday launched a fresh drive to stop the Insular Council from issuing more permits, proclaiming that there are enough taxis in Minorca to meet demand. In an official communique, the Association stated that on just one day per week during high season, Fridays, is the Minorcan fleet of taxis unable to meet demand, but all sectors of the island have a similar problem and there is no justification for an increase in taxis. Taxi drivers fear that by expanding the island's fleet of taxis, they will lose money which will force some cabbies to quit and thus cause a crisis in the sector. The Association said that increasing the number of taxis and cabbies on the island will have a negative effect on the service. Taxi drivers have come up with an alternative solution to improving the service, which involves a much better co-ordination and management system and the airport working closer together with the taxi sector. The Association has also suggested that minimum services be introduced and taxi drivers operate on a better organised rotation system which, in cases where demand is exceptionally high, will enable the whole island to be covered.