The Balearic government came under fire yesterday from the business sector with the President of the Confederation of Balearic Business Associations (CAEB), Josep Oliver, calling on the “new government” to clarify its stance on Palma airport and what its model is for managing the terminal once the contract is put up for tender by the government. Oliver said yesterday that the CEAB is somewhat confused over the Balearic government's intentions and “does not understand very well” what the government is planning to do. Oliver wants the government to decide on its policy well ahead of the airport being put up for public tender. Despite the Balearic government having made it clear that it wants to manage the airport, a proposal which has been knocked back by Madrid and appears to have even less future in the wake of Sunday's general election, the local business sector wants to know how it can play a role in the future management of the airport, a role which Madrid is happy for the sector to play.