Holidaymakers and non-residents of Palma will soon be paying more than twice as much for their bus ticket than a city resident and what is more, there is no sign that this state of affairs will improve in the near future. Following complaints over this “biased” system from our readers (Letters to the Editor on Sunday and Tuesday) we contacted the municipal bus company yesterday. A spokesman said that Palma residents with a citizen's card (available from the city hall as long as you are registered as a city resident) will pay 75 pesetas for their bus fare while a non-resident or tourist will pay the full 175 pesetas. Holidaymakers use public transport more than the average local resident, especially as the municipal bus company serves Palma Nova and Arenal. At the end of this month the Bono-Bus (a ten journey clipper card) will be removed from sale, and phased out completely at the end of April. The city council, ruled by the conservative Partido Popular), are negotiating with other councils at the moment so that people living in the Llucmajor part of Arenal or Marratxi (two municipalities served by the local bus company but outside Palma so residents are not entitled to a citizen's card) do not have to pay full fare more for their ticket. This could prove to be a lengthy process because the city council are heavily involved trying to inform city residents about the citizen card.