The head of the local government's tourist information service, Mercedes Truyols, said that the Balearic government should change tack and ask holidaymakers for their co-operation in key areas such as the water situation and too much traffic on the roads. Sra. Truyols is convinced that thousands of holidaymakers would be willing to help. “Tourist must be made aware of the water shortage and congestion on the roads. It is no good saying that everything is fine when it is not. I think when holidaymakers discover that there is a lack of water then they will be more economical with its use,” she said. Truyols believes that the tourist tax has been a public relations disaster, with the new government announcing plans for the surcharge before they had even looked into how they were going to levy the charge or who would pay it. She is also opposed to its name,, which was born out of the local government's desire to spend the money from the levy on enviromental projects. “I believe it should be called a contribution and tourists can be voluntarily asked to contribute. “When they book their package they will be asked if they want to contribute to protect Majorca's environment. Many of our tourists have been coming to the island for a long time and would be willing to contribute, I believe,” she said.