A radiant looking Catherine Zeta Jones followed by her brother and by Douglas.

A lean and fit looking Michael Dougals jetted in to Majorca last night on board his private Learjet with his fiancee, top British actress Catherine Zeta Jones, the future in laws and her brother David. Douglas looked relax and very happy on his arrival and a radiant mother-to-be Catherine Zeta Jones, dressed in an all black outfit she was spotted wearing when she flew into Heathrow earlier in the day, was quick to cover her “bump” with a bouquet of flowers as she practised her Spanish saying “Ola.” This is a big week for the Hollywood superstar Douglas who will be opening his Costa Nord cultural centre from Thursday and the arrival of Catherine Zeta Jones's parents, who were both full of smiles with her father clutching a bottle of champagne, could have something to do with the forthcoming marriage of Douglas and their much sought after actress daughter.