Experts on the life and work of Robert Graves, who spent most of his life in Deia, will give several lectures at the University tomorrow, on a day dedicated to the poet. The Robert Graves Day at the Balearic University will take place tomorrow, starting at 6pm at the Sa Riera building. Among those taking part will be John Kelly of Oxford, Greve Lindop of Manchester University and Ian Firla of University College of Northampton. The lectures will cover the historical novels of Graves, The White Goddess and his poetry. Details of the event were presented yesterday by Joan Miquel Fiol and Joana M Segui, of the University's Spanish, Modern and Latin Philology department. Four explanatory panels have been made for the occasion, showing photographs of Graves in Majorca, and the letter which the British army sent to the poet's mother, erroneously announcing that Graves was missing, feared dead, during World War One. Another panel shows a draft of the speech of thanks which Graves prepared for the Deia council, on being named an Adoptive Son of the village.