The mounted Palma police took to the streets of the city in force yesterday, as part of an operation to boost policing in the old part of the capital and increase security for visitors to the city. The “mounties” will be on patrol in the Parc de la Mar, the area round the Cathedral and the historic heart of Palma, and yesterday the deputy mayor of the city, Jose Manuel Sierra, explained that the step has been taken to “reinforce the police presence and to crack down on petty criminals.” The mounted police will be on patrol in pairs and on duty during the morning and afternoon. While the move has been welcomed by the general public, the operation also gives the mounted police unit, which consists of 14 horses, a greater daily role in the policing of Palma. Until now the mounted police have only been used to patrol the area around Bellver Castle, football crowds at Son Moix stadium and ceremonial events. The deputy mnayor said yesterday at the official presentation of the new security measures, “We hope that the greater police presence in the historic part of the city will have a positive effect and reduce crime in an area of the city where access is difficult for squad cars.”