Nina Hilton was “over the moon” yesterday after doctors at Son Dureta hospital in Palma told her that her five-year-old son Ben, who suffered a tragic fall at a local supermarket on Monday evening, “is out of danger and going to live.” An extremely relieved mother spoke to the Bulletin yesterday, just hours after the crucial 72-hour deadline expired with doctors confirming he is off the danger list. Nina Hilton, who is still only allowed to see her son for ten minutes every four hours as medics leave the child to get over the trauma of the whole experience and “calm down,” saw Ben yesterday afternoon and the first thing he said to her was, “Mummy I'm in a lot of pain, I've been brave.” His mother and doctors agree that he certainly has, as his life had been in his own hands since the five-metre fall. “I know he's a fighter, he battled to save his life,” Hilton said. Now little Ben will spend a further two days in intensive care as doctors monitor his condition, before being moved to a ward where he will be allowed visitors. Hilton said that doctors no longer think they will have to operate on the little boy's brain, and they will now have to discuss how best to rebuild Ben's skull and face, which his mother admits is “in a bad state. You can't recognise him.”