In Spain around two and a half million people have some type of physical handicap which complicates their participation in a normal social life, due to their limitations and the obstacles which society still presents to them, according to information from the Spanish State Confederation of the Physically Handicapped (COCEMFE), who hold their Extraordinary Assembly this weekend. The principal claims of the Confederation are: integration of the handicapped both socially and in work situations; the elimination of architectural barriers; the creation of units of support during the educational stage and plans of prevention, such as preventive treatment for the disabled. Within the area of work and training, the COCEMFE are fighting to encourage the social and labour integration of people with physical handicaps. Every year in Spain, between 900 and 1'200 cases of medulla lesions are registered, the most affected sector being that of young men between 16 and 35 years old. The Confederation calculates that throughout the whole of Spain, some 30'000 people suffer from this lesion, and 80 per cent are men.