Steps are to be taken by the Balearic government in a bid to protect consumer rights, after the regional Ministry for Industry and Commerce reported that 74 per cent of petrol pumps in the Balearics are not providing the correct amount of petrol. According to the results of the latest round of inspections, 1'539 of the islands' 2'078 pumps actually provide less than the amount indicated on the pump screens. The random checks were carried out last year and a number of petrol stations could find themselves being slapped with fines ranging from 30'000 pesetas to a maximum of 50 million. The rules and regulations state that if a pump is providing either 0.5 per cent more or less than it should, it is illegal. Only three of the 2'708 pumps inspected are illegal by an “excessive” amount, while a further 99, 4.7 per cent, are illegal for “defects.” Last September the Balearic government started proceedings in 42 cases where an “irregular” service was provided, and the parties involved were ordered to resolve the problem, otherwise fines would be handed out. The deputy Balearic Chief Minister and Minister for Commerce, Pere Sampol, has ordered that immediate action be taken to make petrol companies and service stations comply with the law.