Francisca and Cristina pictured in Deià with their pet dog, Cris.

Lesbian couple Francisca Soler and Cristina Morral will be “married” on April 22, in a ceremony officiated by Mayor Francesc Sala, in which they will be officially registered as a couple. They met 20 years ago, when Cristina, a Catalan, ran a bar on the Inca road, and Francisca, who is a native of Majorca, was a customer. They fell in love, although both were married and each had a daughter. Their families did not understand the situation, so they ran away together to the Canary Islands, taking their daughters with them. At first everything went well, but as their daughters (now aged 23 and 24) grew older they decided to separate for their sake, as the girls were the target of insults at school. However, they kept in touch. The separation lasted for ten years, but a few months ago, Francisca contacted Cristina again and suggested that they should get back together. This time around their families have given their blessing. Cristina arrived three weeks ago, and the wedding plans were made