The heavy hailstorm which hit Sa Pobla on Sunday has destroyed 50 per cent of the potato harvest, according to Mayor Jaume Font. The onion and artichoke crops were also damaged, he said. Councillor Joan Campets, who heads the agriculture department, said that the hail was so fierce that it destroyed everything in its path from Son Gallina and Son Blanc to the Albufera. The storm only lasted ten minutes, but the hailstones were enormous. One farmer reported a block of hail with a diameter of more than 30 centimetres. The financial cost of the damage has not yet been assessed, but the Mayor has already approached Joan Mayol, the Balearic agriculture minister, on behalf of the farmers. It was the potato crop for the domestic market which suffered the worse damage. The crop for export is more resistant and suffered less damage. Ministry experts have visited the area to inspect the damage.