The Irishman arrested in connection with the death of a 55-year-old German, who died in an Arenal Irish bar after being hit twice, was yesterday released after having spent two days in police custody. Stephen John Andrew M, who arrived in Majorca on holiday on May 6, told the court how on the night of the tragic incident he was out having a few drinks. He said that he had drunk around four vodkas and was slight slightly drunk. He decided to carry on enjoying himself in an Irish bar where he ordered a drink at the bar. Standing next to him at the bar was 55-year-old Klaus Teodor Schwithuysen, and the two men started talking. However, according to Andrew M., and other eyewitnesses, the German made a number of insulting remarks about his Catholic religion and the Queen - the latter of which was apparently the last straw and Andrew M. hit the German in the head and stomach, according to the autopsy. The German had a history of heart problems and after being hit collapsed backwards to the floor. Two nurses on holiday in the bar tried to help the German, but eyewitness told the Bulletin earlier in the week that there was little they could have done and the German died of a heart attack. Andrew M.*s holiday was due to come to an end today and he is now expected to return home as planned.


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