Welsh actress Catherine Zeta Jones was out and about in Palma yesterday shopping for baby clothes with her mother, who flew into Majorca with Catherine Zeta Jones's father, yesterday for a few days at her Oscar-winning fiancé*s S'Estaca estate in Valldemossa. Miss Jones, soon to be Mrs Douglas with the couple expected to marry on September 25 the day they both celebrate their birthdays, looked at baby clothes in a number of top Palma stores. However they are still giving nothing away in public about whether the couple are expecting a boy or a girl. Nevertheless, Douglas is taking the prospect of marrying for the second time and having a second child, very seriously. His battle against hand guns in the United States and across the world continues. He told the Bulletin this week that he was “very moved” by the million mother march in Washington on Mother's Day. Douglas said that there is a huge lobby for tighter legislation on gun ownership and much tougher gun control.“But the danger posed by small arms doesn't only exists in the United States. It is a serious problem in civil wars across the world as we are seeing in Africa, Kosovo and Sri Lanka. We have to crack down on the sales of small fire arms, especially automatic weapons, which account for the largest percentage of people killed. It's not just soldiers, but mothers and children,” he said.


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