Majorca's television viewers have been glued to the Gran Hermano over the past week, ever since Monica, from Son Gotleu in Palma, was chosen as one of the latest contestants to take part in the live television experiment. However, it has been an emotional and tearful first few days shut away from the real world, some ten kilometres up into the countryside outside Madrid. Three new people entered the house, which is fitted with some 30 television cameras and microphones, last Wednesday after three of the original contestants walked out - one because his father died, the other two because they could not take the situation any more. One of the sacred rules for new comers to the experiment is that they cannot make any references to events in the outside world. On the inside there are no radios, televisions or newspapers; one of the experiments involves watching how the group entertain themselves. It was difficult enough as the trio entered just hours after Real Madrid won the Champions League and the lads inside would have loved to have known the result - but they still do not. But, Monica started talking about going to the April Fair and over the intercom came the voice of one of the psychologists on the round-the-clock control panel warning her about her mistake and that it could cost her any chance of winning the 20 million pesetas


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