· BRITISH CRASH VICTIM DIES A 61-year-old British tourist who was the driver of a car involved in a traffic accident on May 7, yesterday passed away at Verge del Toro de Mahón hospital as a result of the injuries suffered in the accident a little over one month ago. Two vehicles were involved in the accident, the Seat Ibiza driven by the Briton accompanied by his 56-year-old wife - who died at the scene of the accident - and a Peugeot 406, driven by a 52-year-old Spaniard who escaped uninjured. The British driver of the Seat, was admitted to intensive care on May 7 suffering from serious injuries and shortly after, he slipped into a coma from which doctors were unable to bring him out of. However, yesterday, after having been visited by members of his family who have been flying out from the UK on regular occasions, the 61-year-old sadly lost his fight for life.

ENVIRONMENT Minister Jaume Matas has pledged an extra 350 million pesetas to help the authorities quickly complete the reparation of the island's water ways.

A 22-year-old man from Cordoba was air lifted to hospital in Palma yesterday after being involved in a traffic accident which claimed the life of his 40-year-old friend along the road between Mahon and Fornells yesterday. According to the Guardia Civil, the Renault Clio in which the two people were travelling, came off the road and despite the driver's attempts to regain control of the vehicle, it tumbled into a ditch. The 40-year-old driver was rushed to hospital on the island, but died shortly after being admitted, while the 22-year-old passenger was transfered to Palma for treatment. Both men had recently arrived on the island and were planning to spend the summer working as waiters.

LOCAL Police patrols in Ciutadella are making sure that shopkeepers obey the new public right of way laws and do not take up excess areas of pavements with their goods. A Local Police unit will be patrolling the old part of the town in order to check shopkeeper's permits to trade in front of their shops and the Ciutadella Council is prepared to take legal action against any traders infringing the law. According to council sources, over half of the town's shopkeepers have taken steps to meet the new norms and regulations. What is more, as of Christmas, the council decided not to issue any more permits for traders to operate in front of their shops. The move was prompted by an increasing number of complaints from local residents about the lack of space along pavements in some areas of the town.


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