60 ambulances and 150 ambulance staff demonstrated in Palma yesterday demanding more money and equipment.

Taxi services were back to full strength in and around Palma, but the general public were up in arms yesterday morning because a convoy of over 60 protesting ambulances made getting around the centre of the city nearly impossible and the noise caused by sirens which wailed for over two hours was unbearable. In total some 150 ambulance staff took part in the demonstration, but according to the local police the protest attracted little sympathy from the public, just a barrage of complaints. However, there could be more industrial unrest to come as the Balearic Association of Ambulance drivers yesterday threatened an all out strike on June 30 if the Insalud health service does not agree to open negotiations and listen to their demands. Despite the chaos and noise caused yesterday, ambulance drivers across the Balearics claim they are also taking industrial action in the interests of the general public. They are demanding that more money be invested in the service and that more ambulances are brought into service in order to guarantee the public the medical assistance they deserve. However, many people, especially tourists, did not know about yesterday's protest and some were taken by surprise and left wondering what was going on. The protest started at 10 a.m. and then the convoy went on a tour of Palma's main streets blocking cross roads, ignoring red lights and throwing traffic into disarray. After a brief rally in Plaza De España, which the 60-plus ambulances with sirens wailing filled, they headed to the Insalud headquarters along the Ramblas.


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