A dog left on a sixth-storey balcony in blazing heat and without water leapt to its death as children watched. Temperatures in the Madrid suburb of Leganes rose to 34C (93F) forcing the dog to make its jump. The owner of the dog - a Samoyed, a breed of Siberian sled-dog - faces accusations of neglect and a fine of up to £10'000, the Madrid Society for Animal Protection said. Neighbours had complained to the humane society that the dog's owner often left it on the balcony with no shade. They also said that after the animal fell, police refused to take its body away, saying it was not their responsibility. The dog's body was collected by a neighbour and representatives of the humane society. Animal protection groups across Spain try to alert dog owners to the dangers of leaving pets at home without water or locked in cars without any ventilation during the summer but this latest incident has increased concerns and some organisations have called for the government to help launch a nationwide campaign over the summer in order to draw people's attention to the dangers. The general public are also being called on to contact their nearest animal protection centre if they spot an animal in danger over the next few months.


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