A report published yesterday reveals that 30 per cent of youngsters in Palma get drunk at least once a month, a figure which is double the European Union average. The alarming findings were revealed in a report drawn up by medical psychiatrist Amador Calafat, and the head of Social Welfare for the Insular Council of Majorca, Josefina Sintes admitted that the findings are “very worrying.” Not only does the report reveal the severity of alcohol abuse among young people in Palma, but also lifts the lid on drug abuse. Sintes said that it is clear “that to go out in Majorca means drinking alcohol and taking drugs, otherwise youngsters find it difficult to enjoy themselves.” According to Sintes, 70 per cent of youngsters in the Balearics drink alcohol, but taking cocaine and ecstasy come a close second and third. The study into “the problems of health and safety in Majorcan spare time” reveals that the four key problems are drug abuse, the use of alcohol, unprotected sex and levels of safety in clubs and bars. The investigation was carried out in Palma, Alcudia, Calvia, Manacor and Sineu and 71 percent of clubs and discos inspected failed to meet all safety requirements. But as equally concerning are findings that 52 per cent of people in Palma drive under the influence of alcohol, 19 per cent of which have an accident. Every weekend 13 per cent of Majorcans visit a clinic or hospital after having been involved in a fight, while 14 per cent of Majorcan young girls go to see their doctor for prescription contraception.