The Balearics are the sixth largest consumers of potatoes in Spain, after Galicia and Asturias with more than 47 kilos per household, the Canary Islands with 46 and Andalucia and Aragon with slightly less. Potato consumption in Spain has dropped by 500 million kilos over the past five years as a higher standard of living has led to greater consumption of proteins and fat. In Europe, the biggest potato eaters are the Irish and Portuguese, followed by the United Kingdom, Belgium and Luxembourg. Potatoes were brought to Europe from America in the 16th century and adapted perfectly to the Mediterranean climate, although they also spread rapidly to colder countries such as Germany and Poland. Last year, Spaniards ate their way through 1'993 million kilos of potatoes. Seventy-two per cent or 1'438 million kilos were eaten in homes, 23 per cent (460 million kilos) in hotels and restaurants and the balance in institutions such as schools and hospitals.