FOR the first time in at least the past decade, flight only visitors to Majorca are guaranteed accommodation and, what is more, at discount prices. Many of the accommodation-only companies at the airport said yesterday that they have not known there to be so much accommodation available since the late 80*s, and a number of hotels yesterday dropped their prices by between 25 and 30 per cent for the rest of the month. In some areas, three star hotels have dropped their rates to below those of a two star hotel. For example one three star hotel is offering half-board, per person, per day for just over 4'000 pesetas, when normally the rates would be nudging 7'000. What is more, the discount prices apply until the end of July with a number of hotels cutting their losses and writing this month off, hoping that August will show a marked improvement in the market. Fortunately for hoteliers, while the package holiday market has taken a dive, the independent market, especially in the UK is expanding and once the UK learns of price reductions in Majorca, millions of Britons who have yet to decide where to go this summer, will be tempted to Majorca. The deputy director of Sa Nostra bank's socio-cultural department, Miquel Alenyá, said yesterday that Majorca is already seeing a rise in the number of independent travellers. While hotel bookings are down, passenger traffic through Palma airport and all other ports of entry are up by nearly two percent this month and Alenyá ruled out talk of a “crisis in the Balearic” tourism industry.