THE health and transport departments of the CCOO union yesterday said that if the Balearic Ambulance Association “is found to have not complied with its contract” and therefore made patients suffer, the company's contract with the Insalud national health service in the Balearics should be revoked. As the Balearic ambulance dispute enters its second week with the Balearic Ambulance Association working to rule, the CCOO's spokesperson for transport, Juan Ortiz, said yesterday that the company has not complied with a clause in the contract which states that ambulances must be renewed at least every eight years and that there are “professionals who are having to buy their own first-aid kits because the company is not supplying them.” Ortiz also criticised the president of Balearic Ambulances, José María García Ruiz, of having “conned” everybody by claiming that he has complied with all the conditions agreed to when the contract was signed. Ortiz stressed that Balearic Ambulances has the contract with Insalud “not the 88 ambulances” which have been working to rule since July 10.


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