THE Palma city council United Left-Greens group have criticised the city council's decision to modify the noise controls by allowing bars to have music playing on their terraces until 3am, extending the previous midnight cut-off point. According to the Greens, the change to the norms is the key to the tension between hoteliers and bar owners which is escalating along the Playa de Palma. Hoteliers along the Playa de Palma want to see tighter restrictions on music on bar terraces while the Palma City Council is reducing the restrictions. On Tuesday the Mayor of Palma Joan Fageda came under fire over noise along the Playa de Palma, which is 48 times the recommended limit by the World Health Organisation and hoteliers want the mayor to adopt similar measures to those which have been recently introduced in the popular Palma night spot La Lonja which have sparked daily protests from bar and restaurant owners. However, the issue along the Playa de Palma, according to hoteliers, who are suffering one of their worst seasons in the past decade, is much more serious than La Lonja. The loud music from the beer gardens and beer streets have been the cause of numerous complaints from hotel guests and local residents this year and is damaging the resort's image.