GERMAN super model Claudia Schiffer and her British fiance Tim Jeffries jetted out of Majorca, back to London yesterday after a lightening visit which very nearly coincided with the arrest of a stranger, who was trying to pass himself off as Claudia Schiffer's husband to local police. Not only did the local police give the Spanish stranger directions to the super model's luxury villa in Camp de Mar, police later discovered that there is a warrant out for the man's arrest as he should be in jail in Valladolid after being found guilty of physical assault. The end of July, start of August is when traditionally Claudia Schiffer has enjoyed a summer holiday in Majorca. It was during last year's summer breaks in Ibiza and Majorca, that her relationship with Tim Jeffries came to light, but lately Schiffer has been having a number of problems with the local community in Camp de Mar and Andratx over access to public foot paths across her land on which she wants to build and therefore close off. The big issue is about access to the historic Cap Andritxol watch tower which is on her land and is an extremely popular destination for walkers, local and foreign. Two months ago the Andratx council ordered that fencing work on Schiffer's land be halted and the Majorca Union party has demanded that the council force Schiffer to keep the paths open to the public. The watch tower, which Schiffer has said she would like to help restore, attracts some 100 visitors per day and the walk is listed in numerous European guide books. Shopkeepers in the area are tired of people asking them why they cannot walk to the tower anymore and a number of anti-Schiffer slogans have appeared in the area. The battle has now extended, with the fencing company now threatening to take legal action against anyone caught removing fence posts, as around 300 posts have been uprooted by protestors and a padlock on a gate broken.