THE Mayor of Palma, Joan Fageda, announced yesterday, as part of the city council's plans to create “a more amiable and more humane city where the pedestrian has priority,” calle Blanquerna, which runs between calle Ticiá and calle Pare Francesc Molina will become a pedestrianised street from Thursday until the end of August. The city authority is experimenting with various ways of improving the city. In order to close off the street to traffic, the direction of traffic will have to be changed. City councillor, José María Rodríguez, explained yesterday that the council has consulted local shopkeepers and residents about the project and it was agreed that the experiment would only go ahead if more than half of the people in the area agreed to the plan and what is more if there is a similar response at the end of August, then the street will become permanently pedestrianised once construction work on the Avenidas has finished next year.