A 25 metre yacht, the CNM Amurada, was severely damaged by fire in the Club de Mar in Palma in the early hours of yesterday morning. The Palma fire brigade and local police were alerted at 1.10 am and by the time the fire service reached the yacht club, the flames had already spread from the engine room, where the blaze is thought to have started, and out on to the deck of the Belgian registered yacht. Due to the size of the yacht and the amount of fuel on board, five fire units were called to the scene with support from the National police, Guardia Civil, Port Police and the sea rescue service. Fire men pumped water on the burning yacht from quay six and from neighbouring boats and fire men were able to control the flames on deck relatively quickly, but apparently, fire fighters battled the smouldering interior for some time. With the burning yacht posing a growing threat to neighbouring vessels, she was eventually towed to the old quay where fire crews continued to dampen her down and attack the flames inside the yacht. It was not until 10.20 am that firemen declared the fire out. But the flames damaged two other boats which were moored either side of the CNM Amurada. The yacht Happy Joss apparently suffered severe damage to the deck area and the Marcan was damaged by smoke and the intense temperature of the fire.


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