Scotland Yard believes it has solved a rape case which involved a young Majorcan woman. Yesterday it was confirmed that three Arab suspects have been arrested and the police in London are convinced that the three are responsible for the brutal sexual attack on the young Majorcan. The attack happened three months ago while the victim was working in the city. On the night the Majorcan was raped, she was on her way to a friend's house by foot when she was approached by three men. First they forced her to accompany them to a cash point and threatened her with a knife. Once at the automatic bank teller, the victim was made to withdraw a substantial amount of money at knife point. However, handing over the money was not the end of the Majorcan's ordeal. She was then forced to go to an apartment and once inside, the three men proceeded to sexually attack her. The victim suffered severe shock, serious physical injuries and psychiatric problems, all of which were treated at a London clinic. The attack was reported to the police and an investigation launched. Apparently one of the three suspects has a criminal history and is known to the police in London. The victim returned home to Spain as soon as she had “recovered”, but now that the police have closed the case, Scotland Yard detectives are gathering all the evidence they can find ahead of the case going to court and the police need to locate the victim, who it appears has gone into hiding. Scotland Yard has contacted its counterpart in Palma in order to try and find the victim in case she has more evidence and information to give police which will help them at the trial. Sources close to the case have said that the prosecution intends to press for maximum charges and sentences for the three suspects, but the police need to talk to the victim before the hearing starts. When first arrested, the three men denied the charges, however, further questioning and investigations by police uncovered enough evidence to convince a judge of their involvement and order that they be held in custody without bail until the trial.


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