What should have been a joyous occasion this week, the christening of a little boy in the Sant Jordi district of Palma, developed into becoming one of the family's worst nightmares as the gathering turned into a pitched battle between some 30 guests and local residents. The christening was held last Sunday, but 30 of the guests became involved in the fight after three of the guests tried to stop a couple of local youths who had broken into their car. By the time police arrived at the scene, nearly the whole of the area was involved in the street battle. In the end the police bundled as many of the “attackers” as they could into taxis in order to get them away from the scene as quickly as possible to avoid any further confrontations. The incident blew up at 1.30 am when a Ford Fiesta, driven by one of the guests at the christening, collided with an Opel Corsa as he was trying to park in the main street Calle Sant Jordi. The owners of the Corsa heard the bang and dashed into the street, where they were confronted by a very “agitated” driver. They invited the driver and his brother into their house to fill out the accident form and relax, but moments later the driver heard two youngsters trying to break into the Ford Fiesta.


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