Beaches anb marinas were packed yesterday.

The temperatures in the Balearics yesterday reached as high as 38ºC in some parts of the island and today could be even hotter. Yesterday thousands of people headed straight to the beach and plonked themselves in the sea while others took to the sea on board their yachts as the coastline of the island was dotted with boats and bathers trying to keep cool in the intense humid heat. The top temperatures were recorded inland, away from what little sea breeze there was wafting along the coast. In Inca the temperatures had reached 37ºC by early yesterday afternoon and in areas round Sa Pobla, right in the heart of the island, the temperatures was nudging 40ºC. Electricity demand reached another record high yesterday as air conditioners across the region were on maximum. At Palma airport, where a record number of passengers used the terminal yesterday, some passengers paddled in the fountain while waiting for taxis while others heading home used up every last moment to brush up on their tan on the terrace on the departure floor. But it was not all fun for everybody, the forest fire protection units were on full alert and watch towers manned throughout the day in the event of the stiffling heat sparking a forest fire.


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