This group of holiday-makers should have been back home on Friday night.


It wasn't exactly a dream end to their holiday. Two hundred and fifty British holiday-makers should have been back home on Friday night telling anyone who would listen about the delights of Majorca. But at midday yesterday they were still in Palma minus their luggage and not sure when they would be going home. Stranded passenger Alex Stewart from Dundee told yesterday that their flight should have left at 9.30pm. on Friday night. “We all checked in at 7.30p.m. and by about 8p.m. we were all in the departure lounge ready to go home. We were told that the plane to Glasgow was delayed. At midnight we were told to report to the Airtours desk. Moments later we were herded like animals (without their suitcases) on to buses and taken to a Palma hotel. We had been given a sandwich but nothing else. The terrible thing is that we were not told anything.” Yesterday, minus a clean set of clothes, Mr. Stewart and the 250 others were still waiting. “We were given breakfast but a lot of people just want to get home. There is one woman who should have been back at work today (Saturday). There is a young family with a baby and the baby has a special type of food. Unfortunately it is packed away in their suitcase and the stuff she was given here, I am told, was out of date. Some people have gone out to buy a clean set of clothes. But this is all additional expense. It's terrible,” he said. He added that many had people waiting for them at Glasgow airport. Yesterday they were given a light snack for lunch and told to leave their rooms at the Hotel Palas Atenea. But as regards their flight, everything was still a mystery.”