A 19-year-old Scottish tourist from Glasgow was arrested in Calvia yesterday for apparently having hit a three-year-old child. According to the Calvia local police, they received a telephone call yesterday morning from a member of staff who works at a cafeteria in Calle Martin Ros Garcia claiming she had seen an individual accompanied by a young child who looked as though he had been beaten. Police responded to the call and confirmed that the young child had suffered some form of injuries to the face. A medical examination carried out later apparently confirmed the police's observations and in fact injuries were also apparently found to the child's back and left eye. The 19-year-old was questioned by police yesterday and he apparently told officers that the child suffered the bruises while playing on the beach. The Scottish teenager denied hitting the child. However, police remained unconvinced and escorted both the 19-year-old and the child to the police station in order to clear up the matter. Police have allegedly managed to ascertain that the Scotsman and his girlfriend, the child's mother, went out for a few drinks the night before with another couple and the child. The three-year-old and the suspect apparently returned to their hotel at 5am while the mother, 14 years the teenager's senior, opted to stay out with their friends and find something to eat in Magalluf. According to the police she got back to the hotel at around 7am. Investigators allege that during the two-hour interval, the Scotsman took the child to the beach and beat him, although there are no witnesses to substantiate the police's theory. Apparently when the three-year-old's mother returned to the hotel, she found her son asleep, but her boyfriend did not want to open the door to their room and started abusing her for having returned so late. The child's mother at first did not notice that her son was bruised. The investigation continues.