Hundreds of truckers joined the strike in Majorca yesterday.

The Balearic transport sector yesterday launched three days of industrial action as part of a national strike in protest over fuel prices in Spain and today, the Palma taxi fleet will be joining the demonstrations. The Mayor of Palma, Joan Fageda, who has been dogged by problems with the taxi fleet for reasons beyond his control this year, confirmed last night that this morning, only 20 percent of the city's taxis will be operating a minimum service. Industrial action started at midnight and will continue until mid-day. Last night the council ordered that all taxis whose licences end in the number 4 and 9 will have to provide a minimum service during the 12-hour protest. The lack of taxis will cause problems for the city residents who already believe that the fleet is not large enough to meet the daily needs of the capital. However, the national truckers and haulage strike which started yesterday and will come to an end at midnight tomorrow, caused few problems in the Balearics, unlike on the mainland. Truckers in Majorca said last week that the protests will be symbolic and initial plans to block roads across the region were shelved in response to the tough line taken by the central government delegate against the farmers and fishermen. The government was yesterday trying to mediate a deal between the truckers and loaders whom the former accuse of charging high prices which do not take into account the petrol costs.