The Mayor of Calvia, Margarita Nájera, came under fire from the Balearic environmental group GOB over comments she made to the German media in Hannover on Monday. GOB accused the mayor of having an “incoherent” attitude, preaching the need for building moratoriums when, as far as GOB is concerned, Calvia is a municipality which has not practised such a policy. GOB said that her comments at the Hannover Expo have left the environmental group dumbfounded considering that Calvia is one of the “regions which is growing more than others and therefore destroying the Balearics” and that Nájera “is flying the environmental flag at the Expo.” As an example, GOB sighted the Mayor's move to have an area of rural land declassified in order to allow the construction of a hotel and residential complex in the area. GOB said yesterday that Calvia is a “municipality obviously unsustainable” and repeated its call for the council to stop the plans for new tourist developments in the region.