Expatriot pet owners in the Balearics have taken the most advantage of the Passport for Pets PET travel scheme since July than anywhere else in Spain, but it appears that not all pet owners are properly investigating what they need to do and what documentation needs to be assembled in order for them to travel with their pets back and forth to the United Kingdom. While pets no longer have to sit through six months of quarantine on arrival in the UK, some, along with their owners, are still being left disappointed by not having the necessary documentation. While the European Commission wants to make it even easier still for pet owners to travel with their furry friends, pet owners are being urged to make sure they have the right documentation. Owners must have two official certificates for presentation: the official PETS certificate signed by a regional government vet, confirming that the animal has been microchipped, vaccinated and blood tested with a satisfactory result; and the official tick and tapeworm certificate, confirming that the animal has been treated against certain parasites at the appropriate time. This treatment can be given by your own vet. However, only the “official” tick and tapeworm certificate is acceptable. It is this certificate that some owners have failed to present.