Over 1'400 lambs have been killed by the “blue tongue” virus epidemic which has spread across Majorca and Minorca and the team of biologists which has flown over to Minorca to try and contain the outbreak has confirmed that a further 3'137 sheep have been detected with symptoms of the deadly virus. Over the 1'400 killed, 600 sheep have been found dead while the remaining 800 have been slaughtered by the three teams operating on behalf of the Balearic Ministry for Agriculture and Animal Health. At the moment, biologists have confirmed that none of the farms in the Es Mercadel area have been infected by the virus and yesterday the Minorcan Council for Agriculture said that the “epidemic is under control and that the team of experts are working round the clock to prevent it spreading further, but that is proving difficult because the virus is being carried by flies and mosquitoes.” Farmers are being ordered to increase their use of disinfectants, insecticides and other products which will help to prevent the further spread of the virus. For the moment, however, trotting races and livestock fairs have been cancelled and no livestock is allowed to be transferred from one farm to another without the approval from a veterinarian .